Having worked with Solveig and Søren from Good Company on our ACG Biologics Leadership Programme has been an absolute pleasure. Good Company are both professional and have highly experienced consultants working in the company. They positively insist on co-creating on the design and training activities, at the same time professionally challenging status quo. I definitely recommend working with all of Good Company both if you are in a small local company or a large global corporate setting. Good Company make it work and are brilliant at adapting to the environments, the need of the business and the company culture.

– Manjit Dif, Senior HR Learning and Talent Development Partner at AGC Biologics


The purpose of the leadership programme is to allocate time for deep engagement in your leadership role and provide your with the necessary inspiration to assist you in advancing your strategic and practical pursuits. 

Far too frequently, we observe leaders who do not allocate themselves the space to contemplate and connect the dots, both in their personal and professional lives. And this absence ultimately negatively impacts their physical and mental well-being.

Who should join

The programme is for any senior manager, who is driven by a personal and professional mission to change things for the better.

You are a leader with substantial responsibility for your organisation’s strategy, change projects and you are also leading leaders.

You are looking for sparring with peers and for personal development and are excited to learn more about your fellow senior manager’s work and development journey.


  • Hogan personality test and coaching session 
  • Energy management
  • Your personal leadership purpose and values
  • You inner narratives and personality traits
  • Strategic and organisational development
  • Presentation skills and body language
  • How to motivate and lead other leaders
  • Power, trust and change
  • Your ability to influence others and engage

We have teamed up with some of the country’s best people in communication and presentation training and will invite experts and practitioners to join the different modules to inspire us with their points of view and stories. We have joined forces with Nastja Arcel for the presentation skills training.

Programme overview

We will start and end the leadership programme with an off-site event and spent time in nature. We believe that moving away from your daily surroundings and busy environment, will inspire you to look at your challenges from new and different perspectives. 

  • Feedback on Hogan Profile & coaching session
  • Virtual Kick-off
  • Module 1 (2 days): Southern Sweden
  • Module 2 (1 day): Copenhagen
  • Module 3 (1 day): Copenhagen
  • Module 4 (1 day): Copenhagen
  • Module 5: (2 days): Southern Sweden
  • Concluding coaching session

I have working closely with Søren Mollerup during my time as director for global talent and leadership development at H. Lundbeck A/S. For more than 20 years I have delivered executive programs for successful international companies. As a facilitator in his field, Søren is among the very best at what he does. Not only is he a master in getting the message clearly across, he also have the ability to create an environment with very strong psychological safety amongst the participants for profound insight and development to happen.

– Casper Nervil, former director of the Global Talent & Leadership Development Programme at Lundbeck

Over the past decade I have had the pleasure of working closely with Søren Mollerup on the design and facilitation of corporate leadership development programs across functional and geographical boundaries. These deliverables have consistently received excellent feedback on both content and form. However, what really made these programs unique was Søren’s ability as a facilitator to establish a trustful learning environment where everyone feels comfortable “leaning in” and challenging themselves and others.

– Mads Hougaard, Senior Director HR, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Please contact us for any questions and sign up

Solveig Hvidtfeldt: +45 26 85 27 25

Søren Mollerup: +45 41 38 00 13

Email: hello@goodcompany-cph.dk