For many organisations, change projects resemble labyrinths, where they encounter one dead end after another.
We assist organisations in navigating these labyrinths by uncovering internal and external factors crucial for organisational transformation. The insights generated serve as guiding principles in our subsequent design of solutions, the implementation process, and the anchoring of the change initiatives.

One of the key characteristics of organisations lies in the degree of human interaction, making organisations social phenomena. These social phenomena do not exist in a vacuum but are influenced by internal and external factors, including structures, processes, physical environment, technology, society, and markets.

Consequently, any pragmatic approach to change should implicitly involve uncovering and understanding human actions, reactions, behaviour, elements within the organisation, and the broader societal and market contexts. 

This implies that in planning and managing change, it is crucial to engage those impacted by the change throughout the transformation journey. It also entails making assumptions and analysing how the factors of change shape the fundamental aspects of the organisation. Moreover, it involves attempting to comprehend the various connections and interactions between the organisation and the broader society it coexists and engages with.

The Change Compass takes all the aspects into account

We use the model in all phases of the change project to:

1. Uncover the current circumstances within and around the organisation and explore the underlying triggers.

2. Map the desired change and how this might influence or necessitate transformations within and around the organisation, determining what conditions must be in place for this to occur.

3. Design and plan solution initiatives that facilitate the realization of the desired change.

4. Execute and implement the solution initiatives to bring about the desired change in the organisation's day-to-day operations.

5. Cement the implemented change through the solution initiatives by maintaining a sustained focus.

We have a consistent focus on change management through all phases which ensures that we create changes which are accepted and fit for the people of the organisation.

If you want to know more about our approach to organisational change, please find our article about the Change Compass in Danish here and in English here.

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